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Mercedes-Benz EQG : Confirmed release

There has been a great deal of concept cars for the new Mercedes-Benz EQG. The current concept seems to be what the new electric G-Wagon is going to look like, and it seems nearly production-ready already. Mercedes has finally confirmed that the all electric EQG is ready for sale in 2024. The confirmation came from the very top by Chairman Ola Kallenius

The concept for the new Mercedes-Benz EQG was shown driving around the city of Munich is late 2021. The EQG is shown with its new side lights on the car. Something fresh that we have never seen on any other cars yet. The lighting on the car has such a unique vibe to the car, and for sure makes the car beautiful


Before Daimler declared the Mercedes EQG idea, reports said that the creation variant would highlight four individual engines, an arrangement that emulates the usefulness of the Mercedes G-Class' three 100‑percent differential locks. We're discussing traditional engines here, not in-wheel engines. A WLTP scope of 500+ km/311+ miles doesn't appear like an overextend.

The instrument bunch in the photos delivered by Mercedes (above) show around 75% charging and 315 km (196 miles) range staying in the Mercedes EQG idea. With 100 percent charging, the reach could be 420 km (261 miles). Be that as it may, it wouldn't be actually right to expect this as the most extreme conceivable reach.


The inside of the Mercedes EQG idea doesn't have an excessive number of contrasts from the G-Class. The general plan and design are something very similar, yet the lodge looks rich and clean, principally in light of the fact that it's more white than white. It appears to be a more serene space because of the light tone, which can supplement the quiet activity of the electric powertrain.

The steering wheel is new, despite the fact that it doesn't look recognizably changed. The mid control area trim is likewise remarkable to the concept model. The instrument group and focal presentation have selective illustrations, with the previous giving EV-explicit data and the last option showing the Mercedes-EQ marking and a three-layered star design. The trademark three differential lock switches in the mid control area are just for show purposes, thus, they don't have a differential lock symbol on them.

Techincal Details

Mercedes is keeping a large portion of the EQG's specialized subtleties confidential, however there are a few significant things we in all actuality do know about. The EQG sticks with the ordinary G-wagen's stepping stool outline, with the battery pack incorporated into the edge for a low focus of gravity. It actually has an autonomous front suspension and a strong back hub, however the arrangements have been exceptionally changed to oblige the batteries and electric engines. Concerning those electric engines, there are four of them - - one at each wheel. Mercedes says the engines are mounted "near the wheels" and can be controlled independently, which is a shelter both for on-street execution and rough terrain capacity.

The EQG's capacity will be a big deal, presumably stunningly better than the typical G's - - and Mercedes says its rough terrain qualities will be remarkable. Locking differentials have generally been a G-Class trademark, however with four freely controlled electric engines that can give moment force and have exact force vectoring ability, diff storage spaces are pointless. It'll likewise have a shiftable two-speed gearbox for rough terrain gear decrease, and Mercedes guarantees "colossal" pulling power. Similarly as with each and every other G-Class, the EQG will be demonstrated on the Schöckl mountain test track in Graz, a 3.5-mile course that arrives at almost 5,000 feet and has inclinations of up to 60 degrees. Mercedes says the EQG will actually want to climb a 100 percent grade very much like the internal combustion models.

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