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Audi A6 Etron : Wild Luxury Car

This Thursday, Audi introduced its next idea model, called the Audi A6 Avant. It follows last year's A6 Sportback, with which it evidently shares a considerable lot of the determinations.

Audi says the A6 Avant idea is "creation situated", which might well demonstrate that there are not extremely large changes that should be made when or observe their direction to creation lines.


The idea vehicle estimates 4.96 meters long, 1.96 meters in width and 1.44 meters in tallness, and in this way winds up in generally a similar fragment as Porsche's Taycan Cross Turismo - strong space in the extravagance class. Station carts are likewise not typical among electric vehicles, where by far most have decided on SUVs in different sizes - including Audi.

The A6 Avant depends on the alleged PPE (Premium Platform Electric) stage, which Audi imparts to Porsche. PPE will really be Audi's fourth electric vehicle stage - the first e-tron is based on a modified fossil stage, the e-tron GT is based on Porsche's J1 stage and the Q4 e-tron is based on the parent organization Volkswagen's MEB stage.

A "stage" or design is practically speaking the "points of support" on which a vehicle is worked, with a bunch of normalized parts and determinations on which to assemble. A method for decreasing advancement costs You don't need to plan each vehicle without any preparation.

Audi refers to the A6 Avant as "a totally substantial gander at future creation models" on the PPE stage, which ought to have the option to be utilized on both low and higher vehicles and with various wheelbases. Notwithstanding the C-portion vehicles Audi A6 Sportback and A6 Avant, Audi says that the stage can be utilized in both the B-and D-fragments, ie for both more modest and bigger vehicles.


The idea vehicle accompanies a battery of around 100 kilowatt hours, which in the most strong variant will surrender a scope of to 700 kilometers.

The A6 Avant involves a similar 800 volt innovation as the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan, and ought to have the option to accuse of as much as 270 kilowatts of force. 10 minutes of charging should in this way have the option to surrender to 300 kilometers range. 25 minutes should be to the point of charging from 5 to 80 percent.

The section level models with back tire drive will convey 0-100 in under seven seconds, while the most dexterous rendition will do likewise in well under four, as per Audi. This gets four-wheel drive, should convey 350 kilowatts (476 strength) and strong 800 Nm of force.

The idea vehicle likewise has versatile air damping and the alleged LED Matrix lights that can turn on and off "single pixels" to continually abstain from stunning cars moving the opposite direction, even with the high shafts on.


Creation models one year from now

In any case, Audi's official statement is brimming with drifting portrayals of how lovely the vehicle is. Simply tune in here:

«The shortfall of hard edges brings about delicate changes among curved and inward surfaces all through the vehicle, as well as delicate shadows. The Audi A6 e-tron idea seems solid, as though from a straightforward shape - particularly when you see it from the side ».

"The lively outline of the show vehicle is accentuated by its warm shade of dark, called the Neptune Valley. While the vehicle has an advanced, unpretentious class when in the shadows, its full impact opens up in the sun, which washes the show vehicle in shades of delicate luminous gold with its impact colors ».

The primary creation models on the PPE stage will be displayed in 2023, Audi reports. This implies a specific postponement from the A6 Sportback send off last year, when the message was that it would occur in the final part of 2022.

Audi A6 Avant E-tron in details by RoCars

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