2024 Ford F-160 Lightning

With the early success of the Ford F-150 Lightning, it wasn't a great surprise when the automaker first began hinting at the arrival of another electric pickup. The all-new Ranger is the perfect candidate and the truck's chief engineer then confirmed that the truck's new platform is ready to be fully electrified. Further evidence emerged when Ford trademarked the name Ranger Lightning. Although a reveal still seems to be a few years away, we expect a lot from Ford's midsize electric truck. It should bring a new level of performance and refinement to the segment.

Release date

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning's release date remains a mystery at this point. The new-gen Ranger is expected to be coming out late in 2022 in the USA, and considering that the electric F-150 Lightning only arrived about a year and a half after the combustion-powered F-150, we can assume that the Ranger Lightning will be shown late in 2023 or early in 2024. That is a best-case scenario, though, and it's possible that the Ranger Lightning will only arrive in the USA beyond the middle of this decade.

What’s The Price Of The 2024 Ranger Lightning? The price of the Ford Ranger Lightning is unknown. However, the F-150 and F-150 Lightning give us a few clues. Currently, the F-150 Lightning starts at about $9,000 more than its ICE counterpart. As we expect the 2023 Ranger to begin at a cost of about $27,000, the 2024 Ranger Lightning could reasonably be expected to start at about $35,000 MSRP. Rivals would naturally have to include electric versions of the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma, but both don't exist yet. Toyota could be closer to a Ranger Lightning competitor, though, as an electric pickup concept was already revealed.

Exterior And Colors

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning's exterior design hasn't been revealed. It will likely be derived from the handsome new Ranger which has a more squared-off look than its predecessor. Futuristic light bars, unique wheels, unique badging (pictured below on the F-150 Lightning), and a closed-off grille are elements that are likely to be inherited from the F-150 Lightning. Importantly, the Ranger Lightning should have a practical frunk in front. The colors of the Ford Ranger Lightning pickup shouldn't differ to much from other Fords. Antimatter Blue, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, and Carbonized Gray are some popular Ford hues that could be applied to the new electric truck.

Ford Ranger Lightning Dimensions When the Ford Ranger Lightning's dimensions are published, we expect to see only minor differences between it and the new Ranger. Ford USA hasn't released specs for the new Ranger, but Ford Thailand has. Based on these, most Ranger double cabs are 75.2 inches in width, 211.4 inches in length, and 74.2 inches tall. The upcoming Ranger Lightning should closely mirror these numbers. Where the Ranger and Ranger Lightning will differ most will be in their curb weights due to the heavy batteries of the electric model. The F-150 Lightning weighs around 6,500 pounds, about 1,000 lbs more than the heaviest F-150. We expect the smaller Ranger Lightning to weigh around 5,500 lbs depending on the model.

Engine And Performance

Pop the hood and the usual Ford Ranger EcoBoost engine will be nowhere to be seen, likely replaced with a practical frunk. As for what will power the Ranger Lightning, all we know for sure is that it will be electric. Like the new F-150 Lightning, we expect that the Ranger Lightning will make use of two electric motors, a standard- and extended-range battery, and four-wheel drive. A less powerful single-motor variant driving only the rear wheels is more likely for the Ranger, too, since the current Ranger comes with RWD as standard. Being lighter, smaller, and cheaper than the F-150 Lightning, the Ranger Lightning will have less power than the former's 452-horsepower and 582-hp options. Still, it should be easily more powerful than today's Ranger with its 270-hp turbo-four. Expect quick 0-60 mph times, too.

Battery Life

Again, we can look to the F-150 Lightning for clues as to what the Ranger Lightning will offer here. The former has either 98-kWh or 131-kWh batteries. With the larger battery, the F-150 has a range on a full charge of 320 miles. The lighter and smaller Ranger Lightning could very well improve on this. The F-150 Lightning can support charging speeds of up to 150 kW, or get the truck from a 15-80% state of charge in just over 40 minutes. As the Ranger Lightning is still some way off, Ford may have improved charging speeds by then. We'd love to see Ford's excellent Pro Power Onboard generator on the Ranger Lightning, too. It can power small tools or even charge other EVs.

Interior And Cargo

The new Ford Ranger Lightning's interior will be a massive step up from the current Ranger that's sold in the USA. Already, we've seen the 2023 Ranger's cabin (pictured below) which sports a 12-inch touchscreen on upper trims, Ford's fast Sync 4 software, and a fully digital instrument cluster. Rugged materials and a variety of thoughtful storage spaces for odds and ends have made their way inside the new Ranger, too. The Ford Ranger Lightning's seats will likely be finished in hardy fabrics in each row for base models, but leather - or at least, faux leather - should be available on upper trims. We expect the Ford Ranger Lightning's cargo space to trounce all other midsize trucks, and that's because the electric powertrain will free up space for a frunk. On the F-150 Lightning, the frunk measures a massive 14.1 cubic feet, but even if the Ranger's frunk ends up being half that size, it will still be incredibly useful. Together with the bed at the back, the Ranger Lightning will be a very practical truck. Look forward to driver-assist technologies such as adaptive cruise control, 360-degree cameras, and even Ford's Blue Cruise.