2022 Audi RS7 : Our judgement

Updated: Apr 9

The 2022 Audi RS 7 stays the beauty of the Audi lineup. The long, sedan/hatchback body, primarily based on the original A7. But pair it with a monster V8 engine that makes 591 horsepower, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering for sharp cornering, and you've a unique and enjoyable car, that turns each grocery run into an overdriven adrenaline surge.

For 2022, the RS 7 receives a fewup to datestyle and an optionally availableoverall performance boost. A new RS Design package dealprovides cabin flair with black seat belts trimmed in purple or gray, floor mats embroidered with the RS logo and comparison stitching, microsuede surfaces, carbon-fiber inlays, and a flat-backsidesteerage wheel wrapped in Alcantara faux suede. An optionally available microsuede headliner is likewiseto be had. The optionally available Dynamic Ride Control suspension is likewise now provided for the RS 7.

This device is designed to lessenframe roll and limit weight switchat some point ofcompetitive cornering. It makes for extra of an fanatic driver's opportunity to the same old air suspension. The RS 7 is availablein only one, singularly excellent trim level, so the increasedalternativesprovide a small degree of personalization. Overall we assume the RS 7 is a first ratedesire for a midsize high-overall performancevehicle. Get our check team's complete report, which includes instrumented testing, via way of means ofstudying our Expert Rating below. EdmundsEdmunds' Expert Rating

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Our judgement

While other sport sedan manufacturers ask in case you need rapid or comfortable, Audi definitely asks, "Why not both?" The Audi RS 7 combines massive pace and overall performance ability with a compliant journey and a modern, tech-ahead interior. And way to its hatchback design, it is also exceedingly realistic. Some consumers may not like Audi's most recent infotainment device, however there is little or no else to fault on this car excursion de force.

How does the RS 7 drive?

Getting to 0-100 km/h in only 3.6 seconds is fast regardless of what sort of vehicle you are using. But doing it withinside the 2177kg RS 7 makes it that rather more superb. Thanks to its all-wheel-pressure device, the RS 7 can completely set up its 591 horsepower from a stop, which simplest provides to the practicality of its big overall performance. And way to its wide powerband, the RS 7 is likewise remarkably enjoyable to pressure in ordinary traffic. Ample passing strength is with no trouble to be had.

Just as incredible as the acceleration is the RS 7's handling. It pulled 1.0 g on our skid pad and out on actual roads will in all likelihood depart maximum sports activities automobiles withinside the dust. Our check vehicle had the optionally available carbon-ceramic brakes, and that they hauled it down from 100 mph in only 35 meters and exhibited no fade at some point of a honest little bit of enthusiastic using. The functionality of the RS 7 is not anything quick of stunning.

How comfortable is the RS 7?

You'd be right to expect the RS 7 has pushed comfort into the trench withinside the call of mondo overall performance, however you would be lifeless wrong. In spite of its 22-inch wheels, the RS 7's optionally available adaptive air suspension gives you a journey that borders on supple. And as competitive because the RS seats look, they come up with the money for long-haul consolation with supple leather-based and padding which could nearly be defined as plush.

Adding to the spectacular ranges of consolation withinside the RS 7 is the close to utter loss of avenue or wind noise. Even the ones aforementioned 22-inch wheels and competitive summer time season tires do not make sufficient noise to disturb the occupants. Our check vehicle changed into outfitted with the optionally available recreation exhaust. But in preference to emitting obnoxious pops and bangs, it provided a muffled bassy roar even in its maximum competitive setting.

2022 Audi RS7 Quick Review by Extra Throttle House

2022 Audi RS7

Engine: V8 Engine

Power: 591hp

0-100 km / h: 3.6 seconds

Consumption: 1.16 l / mil

Top speed: 305km / h

Luggage compartment: 696 liter